CelebZone: Hrithik Roshan’s Ganpathi Celebration and Other News

Due to a series of sizeable budget cuts, and a subsequently sharp decline in our workforce, we’re now appealing to a wider readership through our new  section “CelebZone” with weekly reviews of the latest happenings in the glamorous world of Bollywood – and all the other ‘woods’, if time permits.

source: filmfare
source: filmfare

Let’s start today’s CelebZone review off with a warm recount of Hrithik’s recent Ganpathi Celebration with his family last week. Hrithik had a few heartfelt words of encouragement to share with his followers on this day:

“B ur own vighnaharta (guardian) against ur rakshasas. May lord Ganesha bless us al wth power 2 love n courage 2 fight”

Truly, this message could not have come at a more apt time, for in this day and age even the most festive celebration is not spared from the usual, daily dose of tragedy and fear, with a new disaster occurring almost every day. In fact, it would seem that Hrithik had timed his tweet perfectly, for three tunnel workers in Bilaspur were trapped inside a tunnel cave-in for about a day under a week, by this point, and they could really have used such welcome words of encouragement.

source: ndtv.com
source: ndtv.com

Despite government efforts to extricate the three workers: Satesh Tomar, Mani Ram and Hriday Ram; the rescue team had to contend with inhospitable climate conditions and frequent equipment failures before even esatblishing contact with the workers. Moreoever, contact has still not been established with Hriday Ram, and there are concerns that he may have been lost within the debris.

Thankfully, the other two workers were safely rescued from the tunnel cave-in, while operations are completely underway to find the third, missing worker.

But I digress, so let’s move on to the next item on this week’s CelebZone: Saif Ali Khan’s Eid Celebration

source: The Indian Express
source: The Indian Express

The two, especially Mr. Khan, were clearly only too willing to entertain photographs on this auspicious day, with no question of being disturbed or harassed entering into the picture. The couple attended Eid celebrations in Patuadi, with exclusive information on KKK’s (not offensive, it’s just Kareena’s full name) upcoming film: Ki and Ka, which will mark the first time that she will be starring opposite the young and talented, Arjun Kapoor. Heck, they’re probably even related….

However, a better question than “what”, “how”, “when”, “where” and “why” this film could be releasing, is why does Saif Ali Khan look so miffed? Could it be that the paparazzi is intruding upon an extremely important day? Or could it be that the recent stampede at Haj has him just as conflicted as the rest of us (even though it didn’t happen yet)?

source: TOI
source: TOI

During the ‘stoning of the devil’ segment of the pilgrimage in Mina, the jostling pilgrims broke into a stampede in which 18 Indians were killed and several more are still missing. In the face of this tragedy, the Ministry of External Affairs has arranged an immediate search for the missing Indians.


This has been CelebZone from Between the Lines, and we hope to have more frequent updates on everything Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood, in the near future.


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