India: A Democracy Growing Cold


“There are too many quotes on democracy” – Anonymous

There are quite a few definitions and opinions on what a democracy constitutes and doesn’t constitute, what it should be or shouldn’t be, but very few that agree on what it actually is.

So what IS democracy?

Well, adopting a Neo-Greek perspective on the term would probably be the equivalent of watching a philosopher probe upwards through his own posterior, but let’s give it a shot:
According to the literal Greek translation, “Dem-o-cracy” means: “rule by the (simple) people”.

Well, I take offence to this definition – I’m not simple, just special – so I’m going to go for another one, the classic one, the one that never fails: “Democracy is a government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people, and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system or put more simply “A Government of the people, by the people, and for the people” – Lincoln

This means, quite simply – exactly as intended – that a democracy is a government in which none of the elected officials are any higher, nor any lower, than the common man who gave them power in the first place.

And this idea has been violated beyond all recognition in the past week itself, by the largest democracy on the planet: India.


2nd July, 2015

Among the most underappreciated and hard-working members of the Indian democratic system – at least, according to the Indian democratic system – is the democratic lawmaker:

Pictured: A Democratic Lawmaker
Pictured: A Democratic Lawmaker

The Member of Parliament (MP) whose persevering efforts towards upholding the fundamental principles of governance, upon which the idea for an independent India was first realised, never seem to be appreciated quite enough; whether it’s the ungrateful public’s outrage towards a bill that effectively suppresses free speech over the internet, ora land acquisition act that stamps down on the livelihood of farmers all across the nation, nobody seems to shows the Indian MP enough love.

Which is why a parliamentary panel on the 2nd of July, recommended that its members need even MORE money to feel appreciated, demanding a 100% pay hike and a whole slew of other benefits – in addition to the benefits they already have access to – as compensation for their invaluable services to the people of India. While this recommendation has not yet been acted upon, the fact is that tax payers’ money might soon be diverted towards MPs to make sure that they do their job.

To put things in perspective, instead of elaborate scams that give rise to even more elaborate scandals, it’s far less messy to make it completely legal to take tax money up front as part of a “hiked salary”.

The only upside is that news outlets haven’t faced suppression as yet from reporting on this matter, so we have been made aware of a decision before it’s been made, for a change.


2nd July, 2015

The very same night, a family of five driving in an Alto down the road to Jaipur, got into a horrific car crash with an MP in a Mercedes.

When the car crash occurred, Hema Malini (the MP) was immediately rushed to a private Fortis hospital in Jaipur, whereupon facial reconstructive surgery for a minor nasal fracture (read: a broken nose) was immediately administered. Meanwhile, all five occupants in the now-decimated Alto had lost consciousness, and were eventually transported to a nearby Government hospital in the opposite direction after lying on the road without medical aid for almost 25 minutes.

There are so many things wrong with this, I figured a list would be more organized approach to the problem:

  1. The apathetic doctor who rushed Malini to the Fortis hospital , happily ignored the apparently less important Khandelwals, which resulted in the death of the youngest occupant, two-year old Sonam Khandelwal.
  2. The SMS Hospital of Dausa did not possess adequate infrastructure to provide timely care to the Khandelwals
  3. The driver of the Mercedes, was arrested by Dausa police for culpable homicide and then granted bail by the Government
  4. Malini offered to pay for the family’s treatment two days AFTER the incident
  5. The constant defense that Malini was in no state to offer help, even though every picture taken, post-incident, SHOWS HER FULLY CONSCIOUS THROUGHOUT  (I retract this statement on grounds of cruel insensitivity)
  6. None of Malini’s aides, nor any other member of her political party bothered to take responsibilty for the incident.

…what? She couldn’t see the family lying bleeding on the road? The obliterated remains of an Alto? Did everything suddenly seem very insignificant for her? (also retracted)

The sad thing is, the family doesn’t even WANT any recompensation for what happened, they just wished that the people who COULD have helped, WOULD have helped.


The Khandelwals lost a daughter of two, looks to be on the verge of losing a son as well, while still undergoing intensive treatment in the trauma ward of the SMS Hospital; and all Hema Malini has to say on the matter, is that: “the accident was most unfortunate”.

But the worst part is that not one citizen, not one passer-by bothered to help out the family, devoting all their focus to Malini instead.

It took 25 minutes for the police to arrive, and even more time to reach the hospital.


However, it’s still erroneous to say that democracy in India has GONE cold. That would imply that it is either dead or even worse, dying.

Which in turn would imply that it was alive to begin with. Which it never was.

From the split between India and Pakistan, to the “Emergency” of 1975(-77), from the much-touted revision of the land acquisition bill of 2014(-present day), to the complete and utter lack of transparency in the government’s inner workings; the Indian Government and the elected officials who comprise it, have never worked towards benefit of its people. It’s always been about the white-washed politicians, and their seemingly unaccountable payroll.

Democracy in Independent India has been dead ever since it came to be in 1947, but it is starting to grow quite cold, and rather smelly to boot, so either get rid of it completely or get a new one.

#democracy #freedom #your #right


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